For nearly 150 years, the Mallinckrodt name has represented quality products, business integrity, and service – to patients, customers and the communities in which we live and work. Now once again an independent global specialty pharmaceutical company, at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals we continue to apply our unique strengths, experience and expertise to bring products to the market that provide enormous value for physicians and the patients we jointly serve.

The common thread critical to our past and future success is that strong ability to master and manage complexity. Simply put – we strive to make the complex simple.

Our core strengths provide the catalysts for future success, including the acquisition and management of highly regulated raw materials; deep regulatory knowledge; distinctive manufacturing and logistics skills where vertical integration is an advantage; expertise in specialized chemistry, development and formulation; and global commercial reach.  

Our Heritage
Nearly a century and a half ago, Gustav, Otto and Edward Mallinckrodt founded G. Mallinckrodt and Company in 1867. The company has grown and established many vital milestones along the way. What set us apart then also sets us apart today – our core values of quality, integrity and service.

Our Future
Recent key developments have fueled our company’s growth, including the acquisition of important brands that have expanded our commercial platforms. We’ve also secured U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of a dozen new products since 2010. We evaluate additional opportunities with an eye to improving and expanding our portfolio to bring value to all stakeholders. As we look to the future, we’ll continue to implement strategies that will capitalize on the broad growth platforms we have created with a strong portfolio of pain and central nervous system products for office- and hospital-based physicians, and in rare disease therapeutic areas.

Specialty Pharmaceuticals
Mallinckrodt has a growing branded product portfolio that is bringing innovative solutions to patients. Millions of patients suffer each day from acute and chronic pain. Using our core strengths in development, formulation and manufacturing, as well as through targeted acquisitions, we provide a robust portfolio of analgesics to address pain both in the hospital setting and at home. At the same time, Mallinckrodt is committed to fighting opioid misuse and abuse; we advance diverse programs that encourage and support appropriate use of pain medications.

Our autoimmune and rare diseases business provides therapies to treat patients suffering from a variety of devastating and difficult to treat brain, autoimmune and inflammatory illnesses, often for individuals for whom other therapies provide unsatisfactory treatment outcomes. Specialty therapeutic areas of focus include neurology, rheumatology, nephrology and pulmonology.

The company is also one of the top 10 U.S. generic pharmaceutical companies, based on prescriptions written in 2013, and our specialty controlled substance generic products have formed Mallinckrodt’s base business for decades. Our active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including narcotics, acetaminophen, stearates, phosphates and peptides, are used in the manufacture of a variety of prescription drugs and other products.

Global Medical Imaging
Our medical imaging business helps aid diagnosis of disease for millions of patients worldwide. The discovery of X-rays for medical diagnosis in 1895 changed the world of medicine. Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals remains at the forefront of these advances. Our experience allows us to offer high-quality contrast agents, delivery systems and radiopharmaceuticals essential to diagnostic imaging.

Global Manufacturing Reach
Our ability to manufacture complex products and deliver them efficiently to our customers reflects our values of quality, integrity and service.

Recent Acquisitions
Through the recent acquisition of Cadence Pharmaceuticals and Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Mallinckrodt has expanded its platform to better serve patients. Learn more about our recent acquisitions using the links below.